Lost Summoner (Drabble)

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This was published on my blog at https://blog.tangentfox.com/lost-summoner/ and Internet Archive arbitrarily blocked me from archiving it, so I've re-posted it here to make sure there is an archived copy.
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Lost Summoner (Drabble)

Decorations rattled from the boom of suddenly displaced air. A figure appeared in the hallway across from the study. Her eyes met a dragoness on a couch, looking back with a neutral expression. "Where am I? Are you a demon?"

"My home. And it depends on where you are from, summoner.. However, I do enjoy collecting lost souls." She smirked, "You seem a little lost." The dragon stood slowly, tasting the fear radiating from her visitor.

The figure held her ground as the dragoness approached, smile growing wider, "Want to make a deal, my dear?"

“What kind of a deal?"

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